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Vinyl Cutting Supplies

Below you will find a list of the supplies you will need to create iron on, adhesive, and picture craft projects with your with your vinyl cutting machine. 
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Heat Transfer Vinyl
aka: HTV, Iron on, Easy Weed
Used For: Pressing or ironing on fabric ex. custom shirts & totes
Variations:Glitter, Holographic, Stretch, Flock, Patterned etc
Popular Brands: Siser, Cricut, Paper Studio
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Adhesive Vinyl
aka: Sticky vinyl, Oracle 651
Used For: Sticking to any smooth, hard surface ex wine glasses, car decals
Variations: Permanent, Removable
Popular Brands: Oracle 651, Cricut, Paper Studio
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Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl
Used For: ex creating photo shirts- this paper is used with your inkjet printer. The Cricut provides precision cut around the shape of your printed graphic, then peel and IRON ON
Popular Brands: Starcraft, Avery
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